Amira Rahim – Better Than Art School

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Amira Rahim – Better Than Art School


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Embark on a transformative journey to unlock your artistic potential with Amira Rahim’s Better Than Art School. This comprehensive program is a beacon for artists seeking to elevate their art, mindset, and business acumen through a curated learning experience unlike any other. Renowned artist Amira Rahim has meticulously crafted eight modules designed to deepen your understanding and mastery of the artistic process.

Module 1: Art Abundance Mindset

Begin your journey by cultivating an abundance mindset, which is essential for any artist aiming for success. This module focuses on identifying influences and navigating towards a unique painting style, complemented by healing meditations guided by Amira herself to shift your subconscious towards attracting wealth, opportunities, and confidence.

Module 2: Color Mastery

Dive into the vibrant world of colour, learning to use the colour wheel to create captivating paintings. Amira shares her unique approach to achieving colour harmony, allowing you to explore personal palettes and foster a visceral connection to your work.

Module 3: Composition 101

Discover the three main elements of composition to create intuitive blueprints for your paintings. This module expands your skills and vision, incorporating composition tools from designers and photographers to enhance your abstract creations.

Module 4: Composition 201

Elevate your paintings with Amira’s 3Rs, mastering the addition of detail and strategic colour alterations to evolve more straightforward compositions into complex, vibrant works that resonate with viewers.

Module 5: Depth Through Detail

Learn to build dynamic, expressive paintings through intentional mark-making, experimenting with various paints to create depth and adding intricate layers to your art with additives for glazes and patterns.

Module 6: Making Acrylics Look Like Oils

Uncover techniques to enhance your paintings’ value by building compositions with textures and mixed media, capturing and sustaining viewer interest with new layering methods.

Module 7: Styles of Abstraction

Explore different styles of abstraction with expert-inspired paintings, gaining fresh perspectives on floral, landscape, and figurative styles through bonus guest lectures from renowned artists.

Module 8: Finishing a Painting

Master the art of signing, titling, and varnishing your work for professional presentation and durability. Learn the intricacies of packing and shipping your artwork with additional bonus materials.

Bonuses: Enriching Your Learning Experience

  • Access 60+ hours of exclusive painting videos with Amira Rahim.
  • Immerse in 20+ hours of abundance mindset training.
  • Enjoy 3 Guest Classes on encaustics, florals, landscapes, and more.
  • Explore recorded training on Amira’s art business primer for successful online art selling.

Better Than Art School is not just an art course; it’s a holistic journey designed to transform every facet of your artistry. Enrol today and embark on a path to artistic mastery and success, guided by the expert insights and innovative strategies of Amira Rahim.