Michael Oliver – How to Sell The Way People Buy!

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Michael Oliver – How to Sell The Way People Buy!

Michael Oliver – How to Sell The Way People Buy


Discover the Power of Natural Selling with Michael Oliver’s Comprehensive Sales Course

In the competitive realm of sales, understanding your customers is the linchpin to success. Michael Oliver’s How to Sell The Way People Buy! isn’t just another sales course; it’s an all-encompassing guide meticulously designed to harmonize your sales approach with the innate buying instincts of your clientele.

Course Highlights:

Introduction & Welcome

  • Setting the Stage: Gain insight into the core philosophy underpinning the course and acquaint yourself with the transformative approach that awaits you.
  • The Sales Paradox: Dive into the truth behind why people tend to dislike being sold to and discover how to navigate this common challenge.
  • 7 Success Tips: Equip yourself with essential tips that will lay the foundation for your sales journey.

Lesson 1: 9 Essential Basic Sales Skills

  • Master the Basics: Before delving deeper, grasp the fundamental sales skills that constitute the bedrock of any successful sales strategy.
  • Three Primary Objectives: Understand the core objectives that steer every sales conversation.
  • Problem Identification: Learn to pinpoint the precise issues your potential clients are facing.
  • Desire & Commitment: Gauge the level of desire and commitment of your prospects to effect a change.

Lesson 2: Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue Framework

  • The Framework: Familiarize yourself with the Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue Framework, the heart of this course.
  • Addressing Concerns: Tackle potential objections or concerns right at the outset.
  • Please focus on the Customer: Shift the spotlight from your product to your customer, comprehending their needs and desires.

Lesson 3: The Connecting Stage

  • SMART Pre-Planning: Prepare effectively for every sales conversation.
  • Initiating Dialogues: Discover 10 tension-free ways to kickstart your sales conversations.
  • First Impressions Matter: Learn the art of making a lasting impact right from the first “Hello!”
  • Value Impact Statement: Craft a compelling statement that showcases your value proposition.
  • Problem & Solution Outlining: Clearly define the problem and present your solution in a way that resonates.

Lesson 4: The Discovering Stage

  • A Fluid Approach: Understand that sales is not a linear journey; it’s about adapting and evolving.
  • Consistent Strategy: While the journey may vary, the approach remains consistent.
  • Questioning Techniques: Master the art of using closed and open-ended questions to gather insights.

Lesson 5: The Discovering Stage Continued

  • Deep Dive Questions: Explore a range of questions designed to uncover the deepest needs and desires of your prospects.
  • Background & Needs Awareness: Understand the history and current needs of your clients.
  • Financial Advisor Example: A practical example to showcase the application of the techniques.
  • Needs Development: Delve deeper into the requirements of your prospects and align your offerings accordingly.
  • Values-Centered Approach: Ensure that your sales approach is always aligned with the core values of your prospects.

Why Choose How to Sell The Way People Buy!?

Michael Oliver’s course is more than just sales training; it’s a philosophy. By focusing on understanding the natural buying instincts of customers, it offers a fresh, genuine, and effective approach to sales.

Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting, this course promises to revolutionize the way you think about sales.

In a world where customers are inundated with sales pitches, stand out by offering genuine, value-driven conversations. With Michael Oliver’s How to Sell The Way People Buy!, you’re not just learning to sell; you’re learning to connect, understand, and offer real solutions.

Embrace the future of sales. 

Enrol today and redefine your sales journey with the power of Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue.