Edward Winslow – 1 Page Case Studies

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Edward Winslow – 1 Page Case Studies




Embark on a transformative journey with Edward Winslow’s 1 Page Case Studies course, a groundbreaking program meticulously crafted for SEO and digital marketing professionals. Co-developed with Caroline, an expert in the field, this course distils their expansive knowledge and successful methodologies. It’s tailored to revolutionize how you acquire high-value clients using a unique 1-page case study approach.

Course Modules

Module 1: The Foundation of 1-Page Case Studies

Dive deep into the world of six-figure client acquisition with Edward and Caroline. This module reveals the nuances of their highly successful 1-page case study methodology, equipping you with the tools to create compelling narratives that captivate potential clients.

Module 2: Client Getting Portal

Gain exclusive access to a repository of short, step-by-step video tutorials that are continuously updated with the latest content. This module unfolds why this unique approach is the highest-converting strategy in SEO, social media, and offline sales.


Bonus 1: AI-Generated Case Studies

Explore the exciting world of AI tools like Chat GPT and Google Bard. This bonus offers step-by-step training on creating outstanding content that ranks highly and effectively converts prospects into clients.

Bonus 2: Niches + Sample Client Campaigns

Get behind-the-scenes access to real client campaigns across various niches. This bonus includes insights into diverse fields like real estate, hardscape, painting, and local SEO directly from Ed and Caroline’s playbook.

Bonus 3: SEO Keyword Research

This bonus provides simple yet powerful training on mastering the art of outranking competitors for key sales-driving keywords. It’s a methodology designed to boost sales and elevate online visibility significantly.

Bonus 4: Live Community + 8 Weeks of Hot Seat Coaching With Ed

Engage in group coaching sessions and benefit from the unique hot seat coaching experience. This interactive setting offers the advantage of group learning at a fraction of the cost of private sessions.

What You’ll Gain

  • Proficiency in creating compelling 1-page case studies that resonate with premium clients.
  • Skills in utilizing AI tools for creating content that ranks high and converts effectively.
  • Insights into successful real-client campaigns across a variety of industries.
  • Expert guidance on keyword research and SEO strategies to surpass competitors.

Enrolling in Edward Winslow’s 1 Page Case Studies course is a decision to transform your approach to SEO and digital marketing. This course is not just about learning; it’s about applying these learnings to revolutionize your business strategies.

Whether you want to expand your client base, elevate your marketing skills, or gain a competitive edge in the digital world, this course equips you with the necessary tools and insights. Join now and step into the realm of mastering the art of attracting high-value clients and revolutionizing your digital marketing strategies.