Khe Hy – Supercharge Your Productivity Premium Track


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Khe Hy – Supercharge Your Productivity Premium Track


Khe Hy - Supercharge Your Productivity Premium Track


Unlock the secrets to unparalleled productivity with Khe Hy’s Supercharge Your Productivity Premium Track. This meticulously crafted course is more than just a set of lectures; it’s a transformational journey that aligns your actions with your values, challenges the status quo, and sets your goals and habits on autopilot. Dive deep into eight power-packed lectures, each uniquely designed to reshape your productivity mindset and equip you with the tools to master your time and energy.

Lecture 1: Align Your Actions to Your Values

The course begins with a critical examination of your core values. Why do you do what you do? Discover the power of Toyota’s TPS methodology and the 5 Whys, a technique that will permeate every aspect of your life, ensuring your actions always align with your deepest values.

Lecture 2: Challenging the Status Quo with $10K Questions

Explore the art of asking life-changing questions. This lecture helps you rediscover your curiosity and discernment, guiding you to focus on what truly matters. Learn to ask pivotal questions like, Am I playing the right game? What if this was easy? To hone in on your most important and joyful activities.

Lecture 3: Put Your Goals and Habits on Auto-Pilot

Systems and habits are the cornerstones of achieving goals. This lecture addresses the common pitfalls in goal setting and introduces robust systems and habits to ensure your targets are set and achieved effortlessly.

Lecture 4: Nail the Important, but not Urgent.

Overcome the challenge of procrastinating on crucial yet deadline-free tasks. This lecture introduces the concept of setting up domains and the atelic/telic framework to manage these tasks effectively and allow you to relax truly.

Lecture 5: $10K Work Mastery – Using Leverage to Maximize ROI

Discover the underrated ingredient of productivity: leverage. Learn how to apply this force multiplier in your career and personal life. Creating a GTD-style task manager helps you plan and prioritize efficiently, allowing you to switch between priorities effortlessly.

Lecture 6: The Playbook for Becoming a Leverage Machine

This lecture is a deep dive into the $10K Work philosophy. Analyze real-world examples of entrepreneurs and managers who have scaled their businesses and teams using high-leverage strategies. You’ll also learn how to write high-leverage emails and build your network.

Lecture 7: Stack the Deck in Your Favor with $10K Task Management

Revolutionize your task management with a philosophy that eliminates cognitive overload. Khe distils 25 years of productivity research into actionable principles focused on energy management, avoiding due dates, and using metadata to ensure the right tasks always find you.

Lecture 8: A System You Can Trust. A System That Sticks

Master the keystone habit of a Weekly Review, a critical component that brings all your productivity strategies together. This lecture breaks down the Weekly Review into four parts: setting priorities and ensuring accountability.

Notion Life Dashboard & Notion-Themed Pods

As part of the course, you’ll receive a built-for-you Notion Life Dashboard, a unique productivity HQ tailored to the key foundations of the course. For those interested in delving deeper into Notion, there’s the option to build from scratch within one of our Notion-themed pods.

8 Self-Paced Notion Activity Worksheets

Put your learnings into practice with these pre-made worksheets. They are designed to help you identify your Keystone habits, set goals, create your anti-task list, and much more.

5+ Industry-Specific Expert Workflow Demos

Gain invaluable insights with live sessions demonstrating productivity systems in action. From knowledge management databases to meal plans and small business dashboards, these demos offer practical, real-world applications of the concepts taught in the course.

Enrol in Khe Hy’s Supercharge Your Productivity Premium Track to revolutionize your work and life. This course isn’t just about managing your time; it’s about managing your life. With hands-on activities, real-world applications, and a comprehensive approach to productivity, you’re not just learning – you’re evolving. Join now and embark on a journey to supercharge your productivity!