Matt Brunton – Core Design Skills

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Matt Brunton – Core Design Skills

Matt Brunton – Core Design Skills


Elevate your creative prowess with Matt Brunton’s Core Design Skills, a comprehensive course that transforms your design abilities. This course is a beacon for aspiring designers and seasoned professionals, providing a rich learning experience covering all design aspects, from layout creation to the effective use of colour, typography, and imagery.

Course Modules

Journey Through Core Design Principles

The course kickstarts with a deep dive into the core principles of design. Learn to create unique, captivating layouts with the guidance of nine essential principles that set the foundation for visually engaging designs. Matt Brunton’s approach ensures that you not only learn these principles but also understand how to apply them creatively to your projects.

Mastering Color to Evoke Emotion

Colour theory is more than just picking shades; it evokes the right emotions. This course takes you through strategically selecting colours, creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing colour palettes, and applying them effectively within your designs. This module is crucial for those looking to add depth and emotion to their work.

Typography: The Art of Impact

Discover the power of typography in design. This module is dedicated to sourcing, selecting, and pairing fonts effectively. You’ll gain insights into mastering typographic design, a skill that sets professional designers apart.

Unleashing the Power of Imagery

Imagery, including photography, illustration, and texture, is vital in creating depth and visual interest in designs. This course teaches you how to source, layer, and integrate these elements seamlessly, elevating your designs to a professional standard.

Balancing Design Elements Creatively

Transform a blank canvas into a stunning piece of design work. Learn to balance layout, colour, typography, and imagery effectively. Develop your design intuition, identify and resolve issues, and conquer the dreaded white page syndrome with Matt’s practical 3-step process.

Course Features 

Less Theory, More Action: The course prioritizes practical design work and feedback over theoretical knowledge.

Concise Video Lessons: Matt has distilled crucial information into short, focused videos, enhancing your learning efficiency.

Demos for Practical Application: Witness theory in action with real-life demonstrations, bridging the gap between learning and doing.

Quizzes and Exercises: Reinforce your learning and sharpen your design eye with quizzes and actionable design exercises.

Designed for All Levels

Whether a beginner or an experienced designer, this course adapts to your level. It offers a structured learning path, leading you from the basics to advanced techniques. The hands-on exercises ensure you apply your learning, building confidence and competence.

Embark on Your Design Mastery Journey

Join Matt Brunton’s Core Design Skills and enter a world where design is seen and felt. Enrol now to start your journey towards mastering the art of impactful design.