Mike Shreeve – Continuity In A Weekend

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Mike Shreeve – Continuity In A Weekend


Mike Shreeve – Continuity In A Weekend 1


Embark on a transformative journey to business resilience with Mike Shreeve’s Continuity In A Weekend, a groundbreaking program for entrepreneurs and business owners dedicated to crafting sustainable continuity plans. This intensive weekend course demystifies the continuity planning process, offering actionable strategies and insights to ensure long-term growth and stability for your venture.

Introduction to Business Continuity Planning:

At the core of Continuity In A Weekend lies a deep dive into the essence of continuity planning. Mike Shreeve illuminates the importance of preparing for unforeseen events—natural disasters, economic downturns, or technological disruptions. Through this program, you’ll learn to proactively identify potential risks, establish contingency measures, and maintain uninterrupted operations, safeguarding your business’s future.

Streamlined Implementation Process:

Shreeve masterfully simplifies the complexity of Continuity planning into a concise, manageable weekend. Participants are guided through structured exercises and provided with step-by-step instructions to assess vulnerabilities, prioritize objectives, and craft detailed plans to tackle potential disruptions. This streamlined approach empowers you to take decisive steps towards fortifying your business against the unexpected.

Identifying Critical Business Functions:

Understanding and protecting your business’s critical functions is paramount. Continuity In A Weekend walks you through conducting a thorough business impact analysis, helping you pinpoint essential operations, dependencies, and potential failure points. Prioritizing these critical functions ensures that your business can continue operating and minimising downtime, even in adversity.

Implementing Redundancy and Backup Measures:

Shreeve emphasises redundancy and backup measures across vital systems and processes to bolster your business’s resilience. You’ll discover how to establish adequate safeguards tailored to your business’s specific needs and financial constraints, from IT infrastructure to data storage and supply chain alternatives, ensuring operational Continuity.

Developing Communication and Response Protocols:

In times of crisis, clear communication and swift action are crucial. This program equips you with the frameworks to develop robust communication protocols and response plans, facilitating efficient information flow and coordinated efforts among all stakeholders. Learn to establish clear communication channels, define decision-making hierarchies, and conduct drills to prepare your team for emergencies.

Testing and Continuous Improvement:

Continuity In A Weekend advocates for an iterative approach to continuity planning. You’ll enhance your business’s resilience through regular testing, evaluation, and refinement of your plans—via tabletop exercises, simulations, and drills. Feedback incorporation and lessons learned from past incidents ensure your continuity strategies evolve in line with emerging threats and changing business landscapes.


Mike Shreeve’s Continuity In A Weekend is an essential program for any business owner or entrepreneur seeking to navigate the uncertainties of the modern business environment confidently. By breaking down the complexities of Continuity planning into actionable steps, Shreeve demystifies the process and empowers you to safeguard your business’s viability and resilience efficiently. 

This weekend could be the turning point for your business. It will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to thrive amidst challenges and maintain Continuity in pursuing your business goals. Join Mike Shreeve and fortify your company against the unforeseen, ensuring a stable and prosperous future.