Rachel Rofé – 8 Week AI Courses (Printables + Print on Demand)


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Rachel Rofé – 8 Week AI Courses (Printables + Print on Demand)


Rachel Rofé – 8 Week AI Courses (Printables + Print on Demand)


Embark on an AI and E-commerce Journey: Join Rachel Rofé’s transformative 8-week AI Courses focusing on Printables and Print on Demand.

Week 1: AI Tools & SVG Mastery

  • In-depth Exploration: Dive into revolutionary AI tools for design.
  • Skill Development: Master design production with tutorials and live demos.

Week 2: AI Copywriting & SEO Tactics

  • AI-Enhanced Content: Learn AI-driven copywriting for greeting cards.
  • SEO Mastery: Create high-ranking Etsy listings.

Week 3: Advanced AI Artistry

  • Creative Skills: Develop abilities in digital stickers, colouring pages, and art.
  • Marketplace Success: Craft unique creations for competitive advantage.

Week 4: Print-on-Demand Mastery

  • Product Transitioning: Turn digital designs into tangible products.
  • SEO Optimization: Learn provider integration and SEO for print-on-demand.

Week 5: Stickers & Print on Demand

  • Sticker Business Insights: Delve into lucrative print-on-demand stickers.
  • Strategic Tools: Access exclusive strategies and resources.

Week 6: Tote Bag Magic & Advanced SEO

  • Profit Enhancement: Innovative techniques for tote bags.
  • Advanced SEO: Master upselling and driving organic traffic.

Week 7: AI-Boosted Book Covers & Personalized Books

  • Personalized Book Production: Navigate the personalized book domain.
  • Effective Marketing: Gain marketing insights for niche audiences.

Week 8: Candle Mastery & Print-on-Demand Strategy

  • Business Strategy: Plan your next steps in print-on-demand.
  • Community Engagement: Collaborate and grow with a supportive community.

Target Audience: Ideal for entrepreneurs, artists, and designers interested in AI-driven printables and print-on-demand products.

Comprehensive Learning: Master in AI tools, AI copywriting, SEO, diverse product creation, and marketing strategies.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from Rachel Rofé’s extensive experience in AI and e-commerce.

Practical Application: Hands-on experience with the latest AI tools and strategies in the evolving e-commerce market.

Community and Support: Join a thriving network for collaboration and continuous learning.

Enrol Now: Start your journey in AI-driven e-commerce and become a leader in the digital commerce landscape.