Josh Aharonoff – CFO Excel Dashboard & Reporting


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Josh Aharonoff – CFO Excel Dashboard & Reporting


Josh Aharonoff – CFO Excel Dashboard & Reporting


Unlock the secrets of executive-level financial reporting with Josh Aharonoff’s CFO Excel Dashboard & Reporting course. This meticulously designed program provides finance professionals with a thorough, step-by-step approach to mastering powerful financial dashboards and reports using Excel. Here’s what you can expect from this transformative course:

Module 1: Getting Started – Introduction to Mastery

  • Overview: Set the stage for your learning journey.
  • Tech Stack Familiarization: Learn the essential tools that amplify data management and reporting capabilities.

Module 2: Organizing Your Data – The Foundation of Reporting

  • Data Management: Techniques for effective organization of financial data.
  • PowerQuery Utilization: Advanced methods for data transformation, ensuring robust and error-free reporting foundations.

Module 3: Creating Summarized Financials Report – The Core of Finance

  • Financial Reporting Skills: Learn to create accurate and comprehensive financial reports.
  • Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Reports: Delve into making these crucial financial statements.
  • Customized Reporting: Techniques for tailoring periods and sections for specific reporting needs.
  • Actionable Insights: Methods to measure and present period-over-period changes effectively.

Module 4: Creating Dashboards – Visualization of Success

  • Dashboard Preparation: Advanced Excel functions for dashboard creation.
  • KPI Development: Design your first Key Performance Indicator.
  • Complete KPI Dashboard Creation: Incorporate dynamic graphs and interactive elements for effective reporting.
  • Budget vs. Actuals Analysis: Detailed tutorials on design and chart creation.

Module 5: Advanced Dashboard Techniques – Elevating Your Reporting

  • Cover Page Design: Create professional cover pages in Excel.
  • Dynamic Financial Dashboards: Leverage PivotTables and Pivot Charts.
  • Break Even Dashboard: Visualize critical financial thresholds.
  • Spotlight Dashboard: Highlight key data points and trends.

Module 6: Final Touches – Polishing Your Financial Reporting Skills

  • Consolidation of Skills: Final insights to prepare you as a strategic CFO.

Benefits for Students:

  • Skill Transformation: From raw data to strategic financial reports.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: With accurate and interactive financial data.
  • Excel Proficiency: Sophisticated financial modeling and dashboard creation.
  • Professional Community: Join a network dedicated to continuous learning.

Why Enroll in This Course?

This course is a learning path and a transformative journey to becoming an indispensable asset to your organization. With the ability to deliver clear, concise, and impactful financial information, you’ll redefine your professional trajectory.

Your Next Step

Enrol in Josh Aharonoff’s CFO Excel Dashboard & Reporting course today and embark on a journey towards financial reporting excellence. Gain the expertise to revolutionize your approach to economic analysis and reporting in the ever-evolving world of finance.

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