Alexandra Danieli – Selling for Projectors


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Alexandra Danieli – Selling for Projectors


Alexandra Danieli – Selling for Projectors


Embark on a transformative journey with Alexandra Danieli’s exclusive course, Selling for Projectors. This unique program is tailored for freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs seeking a more authentic, value-aligned approach to sales. This course offers a refreshing, human-centred perspective if traditional sales tactics feel misaligned with your ethos.

Course Overview:

Selling for Projectors is not just a course, but a complete reimagining of the sales process. Comprising six meticulously crafted modules, this program focuses on refining sales skills through authenticity and alignment with your unique human design.

Module Breakdown

Module 1: Pure, Authentic Selling – Creating the Foundation

  • Essence: Embrace authentic dialogue over coercion.
  • Outcome: Transform your interactions to connect genuinely with prospects.

Module 2: Learning How to Sell Through Guiding

  • Transition: From selling to guiding.
  • Outcome: Become a beacon for clients, teaching them with wisdom and insight.

Module 3: Choosing Your Ideal Clientele

  • Focus: Selecting clients resonating with your values.
  • Outcome: Master conversation techniques that speak directly to your target audience.

Module 4: Creating Your Umbrella Outcome

  • Strategy: Articulate the overarching benefits of your services or products.
  • Outcome: Ensure clients understand and desire the unique value you offer.

Module 5: Getting Behind Your Offer

  • Confidence Building: Understanding the energetic exchange of money.
  • Outcome: Position yourself as a trusted entity in financial transactions.

Module 6: Your Human Design

  • Personalization: Align sales strategy with your inherent strengths.
  • Outcome: Amplify your natural gifts for a more effortless and fulfilling sales experience.

Why Selling for Projectors is a Must-Choose

Selling for Projectors is tailored for those who identify as projectors in human design. It teaches you to leverage inherent talents to create a magnetic attraction to your services.

Experience a Paradigm Shift in Sales Dynamics

  • Methodology: Adopt a client attraction method based on genuine connections.
  • Authenticity: Embrace your true self in business, aligning practices with your values.
  • Clientele Curating: Work with clients who inspire and align with your vision.

Amplify Your Natural Gifts

  • Unique Approach: Utilize your human design to attract the right client base.
  • Mastering Energetics: Understand the flow of money as an energy exchange, enhancing your comfort and confidence in the value proposition.

Achieve Consistent Success

  • Income Stability: Harmonize methods with your personality for consistent revenue.
  • Transformative Experience: Redefine your relationship with sales and money.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Professional Empowerment

Transform your approach to sales with the Selling for Projectors course. Alexandra Danieli’s program promises skill enhancement and a complete overhaul of your sales perspective, aligning it with integrity, confidence, and sustained success. 

Watch your business flourish, powered by authenticity and a deep understanding of your unique human design.