Rob O’Rourke – Fox Legends Program


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Rob O’Rourke – Fox Legends Program

Rob O’Rourke – Fox Legends Program

Unlock the secrets to a thriving web design business with Rob O’Rourke’s Fox Legends Program, a comprehensive and transformative course designed for aspiring and seasoned web designers. This innovative program stands out by interweaving advanced web design techniques with crucial sales skills and a powerful mindset shift.

Embark on a Unique Learning Journey

The Fox Legends Program is not just another web design course. It’s a complete learning ecosystem that elevates your skills, mindset, and business acumen.

Phases of the Fox Legends Program

Phase 1 – The Big Picture

  • Focus: Establishing a solid foundation for your web design business.
  • Highlights: Understanding the four essential elements every business owner needs and the common pitfalls most web designers encounter.

Phase 2 – Mindset and Habits

  • Focus: Developing the right mindset and habits for success.
  • Highlights: A unique approach to changing your self-image and boosting confidence, critical for thriving in the competitive web design industry.

Phase 3 – The 6-Figure Business Engine

  • Focus: Fast-tracking your journey to a 6-figure business.
  • Highlights: Strategies to acquire your first paying clients, tailored for beginners without a portfolio.

Phase 4 – The Core Sales Process

  • Focus: Mastering the art of selling web design services.
  • Highlights: Learn Rob’s exact sales process to close big deals confidently and effectively without resorting to pushy tactics.

Phase 5 – The $10K Web Design Blueprint

  • Focus: Crafting high-value websites that command premium prices.
  • Highlights: This isn’t about coding; it’s a deep dive into marketing, sales, and delivering exceptional value, with insights on creating websites that businesses are willing to pay $10k+ for.

Phase 6 – The Wrap-Up Method

  • Focus: Perfecting project finalization and client satisfaction.
  • Highlights: Techniques to ensure clients are delighted with your work, enhancing your reputation and referral potential.

Exclusive Bonuses

Enrolling in the Fox Legends Program also grants you access to a suite of valuable bonuses:

  • Ultimate Webflow Template: A powerful tool to kickstart your design process.
  • 6-Figure Email Templates: Proven email templates to streamline your client communication.
  • Free Mini-Courses: Enhance your skills with mini-courses on Google Ads, SEO, Website Copy Mastery, and Facebook Ads Academy.

Start Your Journey Today

Take advantage of the opportunity to transform your web design business. Enroll in Rob O’Rourke’s Fox Legends Program today and enter a world of opportunity, innovation, and success. Whether starting or looking to elevate your existing business, this program is your roadmap to a profitable and fulfilling web design.